Danville Game Supper - Danville United Methodist Church - Vermont

Danville Game Supper, Danville, VT

Save a cow! Eat a beaver!
...at the Danville Game Supper

Date: Thurs. Nov. 21, 2019

The Danville Game Supper is always on the last Thursday before Thanksgiving (which is the first Thursday after the start of deer rifle season). Come on up!

Location: Danville United Methodist Church, Danville VT


Seatings are at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm. Reservations are required. 802-684-3666

Menu: We've Got Game!

If you've always dreamed of eatin' beaver (and other Vermont game) with the good folks at the Danville United Methodist Church, don't miss the Danville Game Supper in beautiful Danville, Vermont. The State finally quit makin' a mess of Route 2, so gettin' here is easy as ever.

Enjoy all the fixin's: squash, potato and green beans and the best darned traditional meat pies south of the Quebec border made from whatever the boys happen to shoot. Common features are bear, moose, venison, coon, rabbit, chicken ...and beaver. The good church ladies always bake up a fine selection of homemade pies for dessert too.

So... make sure yer good 'n' hungry, fire up that rusty old Ford, tell Ma to put on her best dress 'n' git yer @$$ up ta' Danville! Don't tell no carpetbaggin' flatlanders neither. It's just after election day so there's plenty of them hangin' around with nothin' to do.

This Big Boy was recently spotted on an office building in Montpelier.
We're wondering if someone might try to make a pie out of him for the Game Supper! Yum! Where's my birdshot?

Danville Game Supper - Turkey Vulture